Yep! I’m already writing down goals for 2021. And I’ll tell you why… because planning things out far in advance and actually writing them down is THE ONLY WAY I WILL EVER FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THEM.

I actually have a crazy method to my madness. It is something I have been working on for YEARS. And until recently, I never knew why I had this method. I’ll get to that in just a minute… but first, a tiny bit of background.

I’m going to share something that I’ve not shared with anyone… even my husband! Recently a friend of mine helped me come to a realization. I have not asked her permission to share, but will for a future post so I can go more in-depth. The conversation led me to realize that I think I’ve always had ADD or ADHD. I know when I was a child my mother and father would get so fed up with me for “not paying attention” or I’d get in trouble in school because I “never stopped talking”. Everyone around me thought I was just a bad or disobedient kid. I wasn’t! I truly could not pay attention. One thing my friend mentioned was that so many women have these issues but never get diagnosed because it’s typically young boys who are diagnosed.

All that to say, I’ve always had this INSANE way of tracking and keeping things on my to-do list. It’s very chaotic to anyone who looks at it but for me, it makes perfect sense. If you have trouble paying attention or actually completing to-do lists, this method may help you!


First, I have a goals book that I check about once a month. It’s great and was made by two local women who had trouble following through with a plan for their goals. It’s called, You Goal Girl. I know, corny, but it’s one of the better goal books I’ve found. It’s super easy to follow and I try to keep it at my desk so I know to look at it weekly and monthly. Daily just isn’t realistic for me. So I dropped that expectation a long time ago. For this process, you do NOT have to use a the goal book, all you need is a piece of paper or a blank journal!

First, I like to write down my intentions for the year and have ONE focus word.


My focus word for 2021 is going to be compassion. I have always struggled with understanding what others are going through. HEY, I’m learning… and at least I’m aware. I grew up in a very aggressive household and through that I was constantly told to “don’t ever cry”, “don’t let others hurt your feelings”, “don’t let people too close or take advantage of you”.

Hindsight is 2020 (EKK! That phrase might need to be phased out), and thinking back a lot of the struggles I’ve faced are because of how I was conditioned as a child. My focus word for ’21 is compassion so that I can be more understanding and listen to others BEFORE inserting my own opinion which I believe will translate to being a more compassionate person for those around me and in my community.


With that focus word in mind, I start to do a brain dump of all the “things” on my mind. (Which is A LOT, Y’ALL!) Brain dump and make sure to have some great intentions in there as well as goals.

More than likely, your goals and intentions have some parallel’s and one might depend on another. See the image below. Your page should look something like this…


You can see that I changed up some of the brain dump to have more context and make it more specific. You will also see that I took eleven goals and intentions and turned them into 3 main goals with sub-goals.

This is where you can really begin your work. If you don’t have a list that big, it’s okay. Use whatever you have.

Now that the list is niched down, I know exactly what to work on for the year.

Something that is VERY important during this process is coming up with realistic goals. I have “build a business empire” this is a long term goal I have been thinking of for a while. It may not seem realistic, but I’ve slowly been working towards it and building my skills up on the side. You can learn more about my other side-hustles in this post.

A business empire doesn’t have to be massive, but it does contain a lot of various businesses under the umbrella. My goal is really to have a blog, a YouTube Channel, potentially create some products, and more. So with the “empire” mindset going into the new year, I know I have some big shoes to fill and having a big goal will help me get there faster.

Alright, now that you have your three MAIN goals and your sub-goals, you’re ready to map it out.

This might actually be my favorite part!

But, since this post is already insanely long… grab a calendar and jump to the next post!