What? Who do you think you are starting a YouTube Channel… you are NOT an influencer. You are NOT an expert. You DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT CREATING CONTENT!!!!

Yes… that painful little voice inside my head said all of these things to me (and much more) when I decided to create a YouTube Channel. I am not a pro… but, I love wine. I love my dear friend Morgan, who is helping me with this crazy, wild new adventure. We have had so much fun learning, creating and sharing out love for wine! I’m so glad I didn’t listen to that nagging voice in my head.

While we may not be experts, we have been drinking wine for 10(+) years and we both know a thing or two we can share with others. We hope for others to glean something, whether it be a new wine they’ve never tasted or get a tour of a winery that they’ve never heard of. So many things are possible and with the world leaning more towards virtual tastings, videos and tours of everything under the sun, we figured WHY NOT?!

Let me start at the beginning…

I met Morgan through a mutual friend about two and a half years ago. I was new to Fayetteville, AR and didn’t know many people because I worked from home. I met Mo and hopefully she would say the say thing, but I fell in love with her fun personality. I could tell we would be best friends within moments of sipping on Champagne at a local brunch spot.

We had sooo many similar interests! Neither of us were from Fayetteville, we both loved to drink (mainly wine), and we loved hiking and being outdoors. We had some great times together and one day as we were likely drinking wine and chatting on a porch in town we began talking about having a wine bar. Alas, another mutual interest! I told her of this adorable little bodega in California that my husband, Devin and I had visited and fell in love with. It was so swanky and had shelves of amazing wine, perfectly crafted charcuterie boards and all the bourbon you could ask for. We were in heaven.

Fast Forward…

Over two years later, Morgan and I still talk about opening a wine bar, but let me tell you one thing about the adorable small town we live in is real estate is NOT cheap and commercial real estate near the downtown area is even less attainable. Combine that with the fact that most bars have been shut down or have highly limited capacity due to Covid – well, opening a wine bar just doesn’t make financial sense!

Why YouTube…

During the pandemic me and Dev would wake up on Saturday mornings, drink coffee in bed and watch YouTube. I’ve always loved video and thought… hmmm… “I think maybe I could create good content.”

Funny (super quick) story from my high schools days. I was actually in TV Production and wanted to be a news anchor or weather woman back in the day. I sidelined my dreams of going to school for that to stay closer to home (and be near my HS boyfriend) Sigh, the things we did when we were young and dumb.

I chose YouTube because of a few reasons that you might find interesting.

  1. YouTube is one of the best platforms to monetize (according to YouTubers.)
  2. It’s much easier to gain subscribers and maintain longer videos and content (unlike IG and TikTok.)
  3. More people are flocking to YouTube and subscribers and views are up significantly since the pandemic began.

Those are the MAIN reasons I chose YouTube. I mean, there are some big milestones that we will have to hit before we are able to monetize, but I believe we’re up for the challenge!

Cool, cool… so what’s the channel?

Weekly Wine Down with Alex & Morgan. Go check out our videos and see what we have been creating since last December! We also have an Instagram that is growing faster than we expected. It’s @WeeklyWineD.

Check out my next post about what we’ve learned over the last three months and our plans for future growth!


Alex Victtoria